Women's College

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Dept. data last updated on :18/10/2021

The Women's College, Aligarh Muslim University is a 111 years institution dedicated to the cause of female education in India. It was started as a small school in 1906 at Upper Court, Aligarh on the initiative of the founder Dr. Sheikh Abdullah (fondly remembered as Papa Mian) and his wife Waheed Jahan Begum. The high school was established in 1921 and later gained status of an Intermediate College in 1922. With the passage of time, in 1937 it was elevated to the status of an undergraduate college as part of the Aligarh Muslim University. It is a pioneer institution of its kind which is providing knowledge to so many deserving communities and in the process it has become a role model and guiding light. At present, 2998 girls students from various parts of the country including overseas students from Malaysia, Thailand, Iran and Afghanistan are studying in Women's College. In all 32 courses are offered under different faculties like Arts, Social Sciences, Science, Life Sciences, Agricultural Science (Home Sc.) & Commerce. Women's College has a total strength of 121 teaching staff helping in achieving the target of imparting knowledge and the current student teacher ratio is 23:1. Besides, this college also has 75 non-teaching staff personnel.

Women?s College is striving hard to fulfil the dreams of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who held immense faith in achieving education for all. Keeping with the mission of the college to nurture a community of lifelong learners, the college aspires to play an important role in sharing the traditional mode of education along with the modern needs of the contemporary society. Apart from syllabus based learning the College provides ample opportunity for participation in various co-curricular, extra-curricular activities and sports activities. The college has a well equipped gymnasium. NCC also forms and important feature of the curriculum. Girls education at Aligarh Muslim University has always been a focal point of interest thanks to the visionary zeal of the pioneers. Over the years, the number of access area available to girls has increased.

In its endeavour to keep pace with modern technology and teaching methods the college is gradually upgrading its classroom. Presently we have nine smart classrooms. The college has a library of its own where constant attempt is made to upgrade the reading list in each subject along with infrastructure. It has a Book Bank facility and modern software for visually challenged students. Three reading rooms of the library has been air-conditioned recently. An Inter Library Loan Desk facility is also available through which books from the Maulana Azad Library are loaned to the college library.

The college is an integral part of Aligarh Muslim University and has permanent representation in the Academic Council, Executive Council and AMU Court. The faculties of the college are members of the Board of Studies in their respective departments and on the basis of their seniority take position of Chairmans of Departments and Deans of their faculties.

A distinct feature of the college is the Centre for Skill Development and Career Planing. The centre provides vocational training to the girls and prepares them for economic independence while counselling them on a possible future career. Currently, 15 professional skill training courses are operational at the centre through which girls have been receiving focal attentionThe establishment of Day Care centre is also a special features of the College .