Department of Applied Chemistry

About the Department

The department of Applied Sciences was established in 1958 in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, which was subsequently split into 3 sections namely, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. In January 1988, the chemistry section was upgraded to a full-fledged department of Applied Chemistry.

The department is mainly engaged in the teaching of Applied Chemistry/Materials Science/ Atmospheric chemistry to the B.Tech. students and PG diploma in environmental chemistry (center of professional courses).The department is also offering Ph.D. program in Applied Chemistry. The first Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry was awarded in the year 1991. Since then the total number of M.Phil and Ph.D. produced by the department has gone to 46 and 112, respectively.

The department is also offering a P.G. Course "M.Sc. Polymer Science and Technology" with an intake of 20 from the academic session 2013 - 2014.