Department of Computer Engineering

About the Department

The Department of Computer Engineering was created in the Faculty of Engineering in the year 1991. The Department is currently running a B.Tech. programme in Computer Engineering and an M.Tech programme in Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in Software Engineering. The Department also offers Ph.D. Programme in emerging areas of Computer Engineering.

The Department has the following well equipped laboratories:-

Software Laboratory
Hardware Laboratory
Advanced Computing Laboratory
Networking Laboratory
PG Laboratory
Basic Computing Laboratory

All Laboratories, Staff Rooms and office of the Department are fully networked and have access to high speed University Internet facility.

The Department has highly qualified, motivated and dedicated teaching faculty with education from reputed institutes.They are actively involved in Research and Development activities in the emerging areas of Computer Engineering. The prominent areas of research in the Department are - Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence & Soft Computing, Web Mining & Information Retrieval, Computer Security, Multimedia Technologies and Software Engineering.

The success of a Department is best judged by the performance of its students. The students find placement in prestigious organizations both at national as well as international level. Three students were selected in elite civil services of Government of India. Students have fared commendably well in various national as well as international level competitions such as GATE, JRF, CAT, GRE, SAT etc. A significant number of students secure admission to higher studies at institutions of international repute.



To achieve the status of being one of the best departments in terms of quality of research and technical manpower in the area of computer engineering


1. To offer state-of-the-art undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes in computer engineering.

2. To provide one of the best working environments to motivate faculty and students to work towards vision of the department and to attract best faculty and students.

3. To develop linkages with industry, other universities/institutes/research laboratories and work in collaboration with them.

4. To use our expertise in computer engineering discipline for helping society in solving problems.

M.Tech Programme Educational Objectives and Programme Outcomes

M.Tech Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) :

To produce engineering post graduates in Computer Science and Engineering (Software Engineering) who

PEO1: shall excel in career involving higher order and challenging tasks.

PEO2: are able to do analyses, research and innovation in their work.

PEO3: are effectively able to lead and work in a team in professional environment, demonstrate professional integrity and feel responsibility towards society and country.

M.Tech Programme Outcomes (POs):

Students should develop

a. the ability to apply and possess mathematical, scientific and engineering knowledge of fundamental, advanced and recent in nature in area of computer science and engineering.

b. the skill to critically analyze software engineering problems of higher order magnitude, explore solutions and identify the optimal one, and be able to implement the solution

c. the talent to acquire and analyze knowledge from research material in order to innovate and make contribution to the knowledge available in the world

d. the expertise to use and apply modern tools in solving computer engineering problems

e. the ability to work in collaborative manner and to identify opportunities arising by working with others.

f. the ability to work on a project using project management principle, and to provide leadership to team and project

g. the skill to express and communicate effectively while carrying out discussion, making presentation, writing report etc.

h. the appreciation of the need to learn and update continuously with the changing technology and should be able to adopt new knowledge

i. the understanding of professional and ethical responsibility

j. the capability of working independently without depending on external feedback

B.Tech Programme Educational Objectives and Program Outcomes

B.Tech Programme Educational Objectives :

PEO1. To produce engineering graduates who shall excel in a career utilizing their education in computer engineering

PEO2. To equip graduates with curiosity so that they may continue to enhance their knowledge

PEO3. To produce graduates who are effective in multidisciplinary and diverse professional environment

PEO4. To produce graduates who should provide leadership and demonstrate professional integrity

B.Tech Programme Outcomes:

The students should gain:

(a) an ability to apply knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Engineering

(b) an ability to design and conduct experiments in Computer Engineering, as well as to analyze and interpret data

(c) an ability to design a computer system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints

(d) an ability to function on multidisciplinary teams

(e) an ability to identify, formulate, and solve Computer Engineering problems

(f) an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility

(g) an ability to communicate effectively

(h) the broad education necessary to understand the impact of computer engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental and societal context

(i) a recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning

(j) a knowledge of contemporary issues in computer engineering for managing projects and their financial aspects.

(k) an ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern computer engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.