Department of Dermatology

About the Department

The Department of Dermatology was established in 1992 after bifurcation of Department of Medicine. The Department is actively involved in teaching and training of MBBS students, P.G. students, BDS students, Physio-therapy students and Nurses. The clinical services offered by the department include management of patients with Dermatological problems, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Leprosy, DermatoSurgery, Phototherapy and Laser Clinic / Therapy for Acne, Hair and Pigmentary Diseases. In 2014 the Department started a new PG course of MD (Dermatology,Venereology,and Leprosy) with initial intake of two students and these seats got recognized by MCI during the conduct of first M.D. (DVL) examination in 2017. Besides this MCI has also granted permission for further increase in the number of PG Seats from two to five and now from the academic year 2017-2018 we are admitting five PG students for our course of M.D. (DVL). All the residents of M.D. (DVL) course takes part actively in the PG teaching programmes that includes the seminars, journal club, case presentations and grand PG round etc. etc. They are also trained with hands on experience regularly in imparting specialized services such as phototherapy, laser therapy and DermatoSurgery to the needy patients. The new centralized air-conditioned Skin OPD at the New Block Trauma Centre is very spacious with adequate patients waiting facility and privacy. The Department of Dermatology caters to about 80000 patients/ year and is one of the best equipped Department among all Medical Colleges of U.P.


Specialized Services Available in the Department:


1. IPL System (Cosmo Laser Therapy)

2. Phototherapy (Whole Body/Hand & Feet)

3. Co2 Laser Therapy

4. Microdermabrasion

5. Radiofrequency

6. Chemical Cauterization

7. Electrical Cauterization

8. Cryotherapy

9. Ionotophoresis

10. Woods Lamp exam.


Specialized Investigations Facilities Available in the Department.


1. Skin Biopsy

2. PRP

3. Scrapings for fungus/ parasites.

4. Dark Ground Immunoflorescence Microscopy

5. Staining for AFB (Mycobacterium Leprae)


Specialty Clinics Conducted by the Department.


1. Laser Clinic

2. STI Clinic (Suraksha Clinic under ages of NAACO)

3. Leprosy Clinic

4. Psoriasis Clinic

5. Pigmentrty & Vitiligo Clinic

6. Autoimmune & Vesiculobullous Disease Clinic


Specialized Clinical Activities:-



Department is one of the best centre in the region, where Laser therapy is performed for various skin diseases i.e. Acne, Hirsuitism, Hypertricosis, Melasma, Scar Resurfacing, Moles, Skin Tag, Warts etc.



Department is fully equipped for providing Phototherapy (Whole Body Hand & Feet, UVA/UVB) for treatment of Psoriases, Vitiligo and other Chronic Skin disorders.