Department of Fine Arts

About the Department

In Aligarh Muslim University, Fine Art as a subject of study was first introduced at Women's College in 1954. Soon after, the under-graduate programme was offered in 1956 and the Master Degree in Fine Arts was started in 1984. The courses were being offered to only women candidates under the academic guidance of Prof. Azmat Shah, a renowned artist of India who had accomplished his studies from the Lucknow College of Arts.

The Department of Fine Arts was established in 1988 in the Faculty of Arts. The Department introduced two professional courses, Master of Fine Arts and the Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1993 and 1998 respectively. The research Degrees, M. Phil and Ph.D. were offered in the department from 1993. At present, the Department of Fine Arts offers B.F.A. & M.F.A. in Painting and M.Phil. & Ph.D. in Fine Arts. The Department also offers one year Diploma in Applied Art.

The teaching program in the department is focused on quality results in both creative and research field which has been achieved by periodic updating of syllabi in accordance with the relevance and advancement of knowledge in the subject.

In India, the opportunities in the field of creative art and culture have witnessed multifold increase. Today, an art student seeks excellence in creative vision as well as perfection in the skills. To provide better access to its learners, the department is working towards increase of intake and introduction of specialized courses such as BFA and MFA in Commercial Arts and BFA and MFA in Art History and Aesthetics. These courses will lead to quality research and valuable documentations of both traditional and contemporary art of India and the world and will prepare its learner as professional artists.

A society cannot be visualized without its art and culture, it is the identity of a nation and its people. To contribute in the growth of the art and culture of a country is to contribute in the growth of a nation. An artist contributes by playing as a reformer, a savior, and a documenter.

The education of art in an institution of national importance, like AMU, definitely enriches the learner in a multidimensional ways. Therefore, a multidimensional approach towards art is aimed in this institution. To hold and participate in cultural exchange programme of excellence and prepare both learners and teachers for projects and fellowships are future prospects for the department.

The faculty members of the department have received many prestigious honours and awards. They have proved expertise in both research and creative fields through publications in Art Journals, participation in national and international seminars, conferences and workshops. Our faculty members are actively participating in solo and collective shows through our the country as well as at London, New York, Chicago, and Cairo which are contemporary centres of art today.

The students of the Department are making their presence felt in the field of art at state and national levels through achieving awards, scholarships, active participation in workshops, group and solo shows etc. The faculty members have been taking care to groom their students more effectively by establishing close student - teacher contact.


Moinuddin Ahmad Art Gallery

The Department of Fine Arts now has the prestigious Moinuddin Ahmad Art Gallery to organise exhibitions, workshops, residencies and variety of collaborative programmes. Lt Gen (Retd) Zameer Uddin Shah, the Vice Chancellor of AMU and the Pro-Vice Chancellor Brig (Retd) S Ahmad Ali executed the renovation of the art gallery and got it inaugurated by Dr. Aziz Quraishi, Hon'ble Governor of Uttrakhand on the eve of Sir Syed Day, the 17th of October 2013.

Apart from developing a permanent collection the management of the gallery is committed for regular events and programmes specially designed for the benefits of the emerging artists and students of Aligarh Muslim University and visiting artists. For the holistic development of the gallery and the art in this region several comprehensive plans and programmes of national and international levels such as Group and Solo Shows, artist workshops, residencies, lectures and demonstrations of invited artists and various interactive programmes in collaborations are being organised on regular basis.