Department of Home Sciences

About the Department

The department of Home Science which was established in 2008 was functioning as a section offering undergraduate course since 1986 in women's collage A.M.U. Until 1985 Home Science was taught as a subsidiary subject in women's collage which became a main subject since 1986 and attained a larger perspective. After sustained efforts, composite Master's program was started in 1999 and Ph. D in 2004.

Being a multidisciplinary subject, a varied spectrum of courses were included in the curriculum of Home Science, the subjects being taught are Food and Nutrition, Resource Management ,Extension and Communication, Textiles and Clothing, and Child Development with emphasis on Interior Decoration, Child Psychology, Ergonomics, Biochemistry, Dietetics etc.

Home Science department conducts orientation program every year keeping in view the overall development of students. Home Science society encourages students for various co-curricular activities; moreover a cottage program is being run for PG students where in-house training in various fields of Home Science is given to them.


The students who have passed from Home Science department have been working at different academic and non- academic positions in various organizations and institutions.

Home Science is concerned with the attainment of the well-being of Individuals and families, improvement of homes and preservation of values, significant in home life. Home Science was taught up as a subsidiary subject in Women's College till 1985. From 1986 onwards it became a main subject. M.Sc. in Home-Science was started in 1999. Since 2004 it is pursuing Ph.D. Programme and so far 12 Ph.Ds have been awarded. Presently we have 15 students enrolled for Ph.D.. So far 34 students of this department have qualified UGC-NET and 11 JRF. Being a Multi-disciplinary subject a varied spectrum of courses are included in the curriculum of Home Science. The subjects being taught in M.Sc.(Home Science) are Resource Management, Extension and Communication, Child development, Foods and Nutrition, Textile and Clothing which includes 35 papers in all (theory and Practical). A Study of Home Science helps: To develop proper attitudes for developing interest and desire to assume responsibilities of home activities and study the fundamentals of health, nutrition, family relationships and hygiene etc. Appreciating social, religious and cultural values. It is essential to have peace and quality in life. The knowledge of various aspects of Home Science enables one to make wise decisions. We look forward to many more years of being an agent of positive change for society in general and for our students in particular.