Department of Islamic Studies

About the Department

Islamic Studies was recognized as a subject for BA and MA for the first time in India in 1920 when the AMU was established and its Academic Ordinances included 'Islamic Studies' as a subject. The first step for the teaching of Islamic Studies was taken in 1950 when the administrative charge of the subject was given to the Department of Arabic. It was also interested with the teaching of the subject in coordination with the Department of Philosophy, History and Political Science. Thus the teaching of Islamic Studies for BA and MA command in 1951 but it was a very modest beginning. The main emphasis was more on the regional history of the Muslim World than an Islamic Studies.


In March 1954 the Institute of Islamic Studies was established to promote the study of (a) Islamic Culture and Civilization (b) Social, Political, Economic and Cultural trends in the countries of West Asia and North Africa and (c) Modern Arabic, Persian and Turkish (Language and Literature). The Institute was essentially a research Institute. A significant step was taken in 1968-69 when the teaching of Islamic Studies was transferred to the Institute which simultaneously began to function as the Department of Islamic Studies. In 1971 Islamic Studies was introduced in the Pre-University class. After the introduction of the semester system the course were modified and re-introduced since then every two to three years the courses are revised to include within then the latest research material. During the period under review a large number of research scholars were admitted and were subsequently awarded M.Phil./Ph.D. Degrees.


It is heartening to note that the Managing Committee of the Institute of Islamic Studies was revived the then Vice- Chancellor Mr. Saiyid Hamid in the early eighties and it is hoped that the research activities of the Institute will again start to progress if the XII plan proposals are accepted by the UGC.