Department of Paediatrics

About the Department

The Department of Pediatrics was established in 1964.. Fifty bedded children's ward and neonatal nursery were established in 1970. Nursery grew into Neonatology Unit in 1986 with facilities for care of critically ill newborns. 10 bedded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) was established on 15th August 2001 along with ventilator facility( CPAP). Since 2010 Unit has been recognized as resource centre for neonatal training of medical officers. The Diarrhea Treatment and Training Unit (D.T.T.U.) was established in 1991 with a lump sum grant from W.H.O and 08 beds are ear-marked for this unit. "Pediatric Gastro-Enterology, Hepatology & Nutrition Clinic" and upper G.I. Endoscopy was started in 1999. Two new pediatric wards were constructed in 1997 and the total numbers of beds have increased from 50 to 90. "Pediatric Intensive Care Unit" ( P.I.C.U. ) was started in the existing pediatric wards in 2005. Many "Sub-Speciality Clinics" are regularly run by the staff members of the department on fixed days. "Adolescent Friendly Health Clinic " was started on Tuesday & Friday since 2002. Pediatric Pulmonology and Infectious Disease Clinics were started in 2002 and 1999 respectively. Pediatric Nephrology Clinic was started in 2006. Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Clinic was also started in 2006. A 08 bedded Malnutrition Treatment Unit was established in Pediatrics Ward No. 17 with financial help from UNICEF. The department is also a resource centre. 6 bedded Pediatrics ICU with all the facilities of intensive monitoring and Ventilation serving all sick children and newborns and also post op patients is established in ward 16. Pediatric Cardiology Clinic started functioning in the year 2013.

Various Sub- Speciality Clinics functioning in the Department.

1 Well Baby Clinic Prof. S. Manazir Ali/Dr. Uzma Firdaus Tuesday & Thursday 9 am to 3pm

2 High Risk Clinic Prof. S. Manazir Ali/Dr. Uzma Firduas Saturday 11am to 3pm

3 Pulmonology & I.D Clinic Prof. Farzana K. Beig Wednesday 11am to 3pm

4 Pediatric Nephrology Clinic Dr. Kamran Afzal Wednesday 11am to 3pm

5 Pediatric Hematology Clinic Dr. Zeeba Zaka-ur-Rab Tuesday 11am to 3pm

6 Pediatric Cardiology Clinic Dr. Shaad Abqari Wednesday 11am to 3pm

7 Pediatric Endocrinology Clinic Dr. Ayesha Ahmad Thursday 11am to 3pm