Department of Pathology

About the Department

The Department of Pathology established in 1964 has got seven important Laboratory establishments for teaching and patients service involving specialized technical skills. It has following sections:

(1) Histopathology Lab

(2) Haematology Lab

(3) Cytopathology Lab

(4) Chemical Pathology Lab

(5) Clinical Pathology (Lab No. 73)

(6) Blood and Component Bank and

(7) Clinical Pathology outdoor (Lab 21), besides Computer Lab for teachers and students,

(8) Museum,

(9) UG Practical Lab and

(10)P.G. Seminar Room.

(11)P.G Research Room

(12)P.G Reporting Room

We also have LCD Projectors and slide Projectors for undergraduate teaching, & well equipped laboratories for P.G. research facilities .

The department has recently established Immunopathology Laboratory and a confirmatory diagnosis of undifferentiated and poorly differentiated cancers can be made by using the appropriate Immunohistochemistry (IHC) marker.

Autoanalysers are available for a quick and accurate diagnosis.

Coagulation studies and Iron studies are also available and various tumor markers like CEA, PSA, CA 125 etc are routinely done in the department.

Cytospin machine, Tissue Embedding station, Automatic Histokinet and Rotary Microtomes are available for rapid processing of Cytology & Histopathological Specimens.

Immunofluorescent Microscopy and frozen section have also been introduced.

Hemoglobin and Protein Electrophoresis machine is also working for diagnosing thalassemia and other abnormal hemoglobin disorders and plasma cell disorders. ELISA machine.

Presently the courses run by the Department of Pathology are M.D.(Path); MBBS; MDS; BDS and DMLT (Path). The department is also involved in teaching programmes of other Diploma courses like Diploma in Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Diploma in O.T. technician course. Presently Department is performing about one thousand investigations for the patients per day. Blood Bank has a well established Component Lab and is catering to the entire district of Aligarh. It was ranked No.1 consecutively in 2011 and 2012 and 2013 by NACO.

Blood bank is jointly run by Department of pathology and Hospital and processing around 100 units of blood and making 100% components. It is supplying the blood in and around Aligarh. Extension of blood bank is going on and recently plateletpheresis has been introduced.

A deca head microscope is also installed for post graduate teaching and research recently. A polarizing microscope has already been installed for research purposes.