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II) Brief introduction:

The Department of Persian is one of the oldest and leading departments of the University.

Some of the scholars and writers of International repute like Maulana Shibli Nomani, Prof. Hadi Hasan, Prof.Zia Ahmad Badayuni and Prof. Nazir Ahmad have been on its teaching staff. They have meritoriously contributed towards the cause of Persian studies.

Literary works like Sherul Ajam, Sawaneh Maulana Rum, Persian Navigation, Samanzar, Zahuri-Life and Works, Diwan-e-Siraji, Makatib-e-Sanai,Diwan-e-Hafiz ,Diwane-Amid Loaki, Farhang-e-Qawwas,Zafan-e-Goya,Lisanush Shuara,Talib Amuli,Bedil, have given this department an international fame.

The department imparts teaching in Persian Language, culture and history. It also offers courses in Islamic Philosophy, Ethics and Sufism. Besides the teaching work at the undergraduate and post-graduate Levels, it also provides adequate facilities and guidance for research leading to Ph.D. degree in different fields of Persian Literature.

Research scholars in large numbers have successfully completed their research works and have, thus qualified themselves for the award of Ph.D. degree. At present the number of research students at Ph.D. level is about 20.

Besides imparting instructions and supervision to research students in different areas of Persian studies and Literature, the Department also has an interdisciplinary character, as it has from time to time provided assistance to other Departments of studies also.

The University possesses a unique treasure house of Persian Manuscripts on which extensive research can be done. The Department of Persian A.M.U. Aligarh, has played a pioneering role in introducing valuable Persian Manuscripts to the scholars of Persian Literature and medieval Indian heritage.


I) Books, Monographs published.


"Shakh-i- Nabat": First ever Trilingual Annual Research Journal of the Department of Persian


"Hayat-e-Saadi" edited and annotated by Prof. SM Asad Ali Khurshid published by Darul Mosannefin Shibli Academy, 2016


" Masnavi Beahde Aurangzeb" by Dr. SM Asghar,


"Shapure Tehrani- Shakhsiyat wa Asaar" by Dr. M Usman Ghani,


"Matlae Qamar" by Dr. M Qamar Alam


Ganjeena Bazyata Nau Daryaft by Professor Mohd.Asif Naim Siddiqi


Research Papers/Articles (International)


Seven Research articles, have been published by the Teachers of the Department.


II) Participation of Faculty Members in National & International Symposia/Seminar/Workshop.


National International

02 14


III) Seminars/Symposia/Workshops organized: 10

IV) Research Project Completed/Under Operation : 01

V) Post-graduate students of NET/JRF/Others.

Name Awarding Agency Qualification Year


Ms. Nahid Zahra

Mr. Tanveer Hasain

Ms. Nishat Fatima

Mr. Munazir Haque UGC NET







Ms. Mumtaz JRF

Me. Shabbir Wani JRF

Mr. Makkhandin JRF

Mr. Junaid Ahmad JRF


VI) Journals Published by the Department: 01

VII) Membership of the Editorial Boards of National and International Journals:

Prof. S .M. ASAD ALI KHURSHID: Member of Editorial Board of Al- Mojib (quaterly); ISSN 2320-8600,Member Editorial Board of International Journal of Social Science and Management (IJSSM) an open access and peer-reviewed indexed journal with ISSN 2383-0239 of Scientific Academia of Social Sciences,Member Editorial Board of Tasfiah; ISSN 2347-7938 a biannual International Refereed Indexed Journal from Lucknow- India.


VIII) Award and Distinctions:

President of India Award Prof. S .M. ASAD ALI KHURSHID