Department of tashreeh wa Munafeul Aza

About the Department

Established in the year 2000, the Department of Tashreeh-wa-Munafeul Aza is providing teaching and training in the subject of Human Physiology to Unani medical students, enrolled for 5 1/2 year Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS) course. The department is continuously striving for improvements in the standards of the teaching and training, adopting better teaching methodologies, developing student oriented cum need based curricula and evolving holistic and comprehensive evaluation methods. To help students develop critical thinking and a balanced approach towards the health and disease, the department is not only providing a breadth and depth of knowledge in the area of physiology but simultaneously allowing the students to have an insight into the fundamental principles of Unani philosophy of health and disease using modern physiology as a tool. The department is also giving good research outputs with its faculty getting papers published in both National and International journals of repute; some members being part of externally funded research projects also. The faculty members have also authored many reference and text books. The department is on its way to start a 36 month post graduate program- M.D. in Munafeul Aza soon.

In the year 2011, after the department of Tashreehul Badan was bifurcated from it, this department was rechristened as Department of Munafeul Aza.