Department of Urdu

About the Department

The MAO College became university in 1920 and in the same year the department of Urdu was established.

The department of Urdu is one of the oldest departments. It's greatest contribution is not only the development of the Urdu language and literature in the Indian subcontinents but it also paved way for different movements in Urdu literature.

With the establishment of the Urdu department, a very famous writer and critic Mr. Sajjad Haider Yaldram was appointed honorary Chairman of the department. Professor Rasheed Ahmad Siddiqui, a very well known Critic and Writer was appointed as reader in the department. Professor Siddiqui subsequently became the Chairman of the department and continued till 1956. Thereafter, the Chairmanship of the department went to renowned Critic Prof. Aley Ahmad Suroor, followed by Prof. Khurshidul Islam.