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Studies have shown that India, with a huge population of about 550 million young men and women below the age of 25 years, has enormous un-tapped innovation capability which can easily meet basic human needs of the country. Recognizing this fact the Prime Minister in 2010 set up the National Innovation Council and the President of India declared 2010-2020 as the Decade of Innovation. Since then the National Innovation Council has been encouraging country?s various sectors such as: industrial; governmental; educational and other related segments to work together and establish innovation clusters and networks for developing synergy and taking the innovation activities in the country to the next higher level. Realizing the importance the University in 2013 established an Innovation Council with the Pro Vice-Chancellor as its Chairman.



     The Innovation Council of the University aims to create an atmosphere where the research and innovation activities could be nurtured and enhanced by tapping and unleashing the hidden innovative potential and skills of our students and teachers in bringing these to higher level by: 1. creating a conducive atmosphere for research and innovation activities; 2. preparing directory of researchers and innovators in the University; 3. Regular monitoring and review of these activities; 4. collection of information of research work being performed in various Department of Studies and research centres in the University; 5. obtaining information of ongoing research projects in University and their current status and progress; 6. sensitizing policy makers of problems being faced by the researchers and faculty and suggest solutions; 7. determining methodologies for promotion of creativity and research; 8. facilitating inter-disciplinary research; 9. helping and advising innovators with patenting of innovation and research output and IPR; 10. promoting industry-academia interaction and conducting feasibility studies of establishment of Research/ Technology park; 11. promoting innovation culture among students and teachers.