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The Department of Land & Gardens is a part of the Aligarh Muslim University. This Department has a Nursery for propagating the new plants looks after the Land & Gardens, Gulistan-e-Syed. It also maintains the land and orchard for production of field crops and fruits, respectively, of the University.

The contribution of the Department of Land & Gardens is summarized as under: -


(A)         To generate income from the University farm through: -


(i)      Auction of dry trees (need basis) after obtaining the approval from District Forest Officer, Aligarh.

(ii)         Auction of Agriculture crops/harvest each year after sowing.

(iii)      Auction of fruit crops (guava, mango, Bale and peach) each year.

(B)        The contributions of the Department are: -


(i)               to maintain the University park Gulistan-e-Syed, and Sir Syed House Gardens.

(ii)             to supply the plants and ornamentals to various departments and offices.

(iii)      to arrange ornamentals plants during mega events like Sir Syed Day, Convocation, Court Meetings etc. and also for seminars, symposia, workshops in the university.  

(iv)       to maintain lawns and gardens of various departments, offices, halls of residence & residential colony etc.

(v)            to maintain greenery on the campus throughout the year.

(vi)           to establish new lawns, gardens and landscape work.

(vii)         to maintain the horticulture nursey at Victoria Gate.

(viii)       to establish new saplings of road side trees and shrub across the campus.

(ix)           to help removal of trees or branches which are damaged due to heavy winds, rains or some other reasons on the campus.

(x)              to organize flower shows during autumn and spring, each year.

(xi)       Department of Land & Gardens also prepares leaf compost by collecting the fallen   leaves of the campus.