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1. Sir Syed preserved the antiquities and other archaeological objects like sculptures, carved stone pieces, doorjambs and concrete panels at Scientific Society Institute presently known as Dawakhana Ajmal Khan Tibbiya College. The Sir Syed Collections in the museum consist of all his findings. The sculptures preserved in the collection date from 1st century A.D. to 11th century A.D.

2Explored Collections: This section is divided into (i)  Acheulian tools and (ii) Stone Sculptures and Terracotta Figurines.

a. Acheulian tools: The Palaeolithic (Acheulian) tools collection consist of Handaxes, Picks, Cleavers, Scrapers, Flakes, Choppers, Discoids and Nodules.

b. Stone Sculptures and Terracotta figurines: These artefacts were collected from the area of Western Uttar Pradesh namely Aligarh, Etah, Farrukhabad, Meerut, Mooradabad, Hathras, Muzaffarnagar and Bulandshahr etc. by the archaeologists of the department of History like Prof. R.C. Gaur, Prof. Jamal Mohd. Siddiqi and Prof. M.D.N. Sahi.

These sculptures and terracotta figurines date from 3rd century B.C. to 11th century A.D.

Medieval artefects excavated from Fatehpursikri are also preserved in the Museum which consists of Glazed ware, Terracotta animal figurines, Chinese pottery etc.

The Botanical collection include male Cone of Cycas, Rumphil, Female Cone of Cedrus Deodara, Impression fossil, Impression of Fern Foliage, Female of Picea, Carboniferous (350-255 million years ago)etc.

The Zoological collection include Frog Alizarin, Rabbit embryo, Hippocampus, Snake skull, Fossil corals, Fossil worms, Fossil crinoids, Fossil sponges and Fossil mammals etc.

The Geological collection consist of  Retort, Stromatolite, corals, Barack Granite, Ripple marks, Apophyllite, Dinosaur molar, Calcite, Cavansite, Barite and Orthoclase, Nepheline Syenite etc.


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