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Students Counselling Centre, AMU, Aligarh has been established recently where Vice-Chancellor & Pro-Vice-Chancellor, AMU have taken personal interest in the set up of the Centre. The Centre has been established by keeping in mind the problems of students, particularly the new comers. Our youth are the most vulnerable section of the society and can be easily misled, trapped and resort to undesirable activities. In such a situation, the centre can play a vital role to channelize the energy of students in a positive and constructive manner. The Counsellor must not label anybody, but do his best to listen to youth and work with them to find the best ways to understand and resolve problems as well as make them master of their own destiny. The Centre will also focus on University adolescents? problems.

The University School teachers will be imparted training, from time to time, regarding prevailing problems of adolescence that may be referred to the centre, if required.

The aims of the centre will be to develop the following qualities in students who need counselling and guidance: Insight, Positive relation with others, Self-awareness, Self-acceptance, Self-realization, Individualization, Problem-solving skill, Acquisition of social skills, Behavioural & cognitive change, Empowerment and Self decision making abilities etc.


The above aims will be achieved through following strategies:

 (I)        Individual Counselling

(II)       Group Counselling

(III)      On-Line Guidance & Counselling.

(IV)     Telephonic Guidance & Counselling.

(V)      Orientation.

(VI)     Other Guidance related Activities




Contact with us on; for telephonic and internetcounselling:-


0571-2700094 (External)

4445 (Internal)